Donor Management Software 3.0 now released

Based provider of donor management software, announces the release of Version 3.0 of their software service for nonprofit organizations. The newest version of Patron Software allows nonprofits to quickly gather information for grant applications and reports. In addition, Patron Software Version 3.0 allows organizations to track each change made to donor records, and even to restore records that have been deleted.

"For nonprofits that deal with grant applications, reporting requirements, and tight deadlines, managing their data is crucial," said Joanne Riesz, Director of Sales and Marketing for Patron Software. "Foundations and corporations have told us they won’t even consider funding nonprofits that don’t have their data in order. With Patron Software, entering data is easy, and accessing data for reporting purposes is even easier. When nonprofits can easily manage their data, they’re in a much better position to benefit from funding sources."

Patron Software’s V3.0 also provides a way to monitor the history of every change made to a donor, volunteer, or participant record, including when the change was made, and by whom. "The ability to produce an audit trail of a record, and even restore deleted records, helps nonprofits maintain the accuracy of their information," said Ms. Riesz.

Patron Software, Inc., was founded in 2001 when Joanne Riesz, then Executive Director of the Wilmington Symphony Orchestra met Jenny Romanelli, former Chief Information Officer of a New Jersey direct-mail marketing firm. The combination of Ms. Riesz’s nonprofit experience and Ms. Romanelli’s IT background combined to create a company that offers high quality software solutions that are flexible and affordable. The Patron Software package includes software for fundraising, managing volunteers, tracking memberships and programs, and managing capital campaigns. Additional services include custom programming, support packages, and training.

More information about the capabilities and services of Patron Software, Inc., can be found on the company’s website.


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