Mobile number portability to start soon in Chennai and Bangalore Cities

Mobile number portability (MNP) will be started from 1st week of May,
2010 in Chennai and Bangalore cities. mobile number portability allows
mobile users to start using services of other operators with out need
of changing mobile no. With this MNP, customers will be able to take
benefit of competitive services of different mobile operators by using
the same mobile no.

Announcing the mobile number portability launch, “While number
portability was proposed to be achieved by March, there are certain
issues relating to getting security clearances, which will be sorted
out soon, and we will introduce portability by May first week,” said Mr
Raja, IT Minister.

Mobile number portability will further decrease the mobile charges customers pay per month. Mobile operators which have tricky schemes
where they offer one service at discount and charge heavily for other
services will loose heavily in Mobile number portability since customer
can easily shift to other operators. Mobile number portability
essentially minimizes barriers to shift from one operator to another.

Mobile number portability has been delayed several times in India.
Mobile operators are also need to prepare their infra structure to
provide Mobile number portability services to their customers. Under
MNP, customers will have to pay one time subscription charge for new
operator. Also if users are not satisfied, they can shift back to
previous mobile operator.


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