Q-Max 6.3 application is now available with better features for Automated callback Solution

Netcall is pleased to announce that Q-Max now uses Netcall InTouch as a standard feature within the latest Q-Max 6.3 release.

Netcall is the leading provider of automated Callback solutions to call
centres of all sizes while Q-Max provides Work Force Management.
Netcall acquired Q-Max in October 2009 and, since the acquisition, have
worked tirelessly to combine their services to offer a complete package
to any call centre environment.

Q-Max 6.3 is a contact centre management system used to calculate the
number of contact centre agents required to respond to customer demand,
InTouch is a simple and efficient way to automate message delivery
using SMS, Email and voice.

Richard Farrell, Chief Technical Officer of Netcall, commented:
“InTouch has been used in a variety of interesting ways over the years
from stock market alerts to automated calls from Father Christmas. The
recent acquisition of Q-Max means that we can now deploy Netcall
functions to support Q-Max 6.3 operation. Dynamic real-time alerting of
predicted service level issues for call centre management is a great
use of InTouch. It means that call centres can proactively make changes
that improve service delivered to customers.”

David Jones, Head of Product Marketing at Q-Max added, “With an
increased acceptance of the use of mobile telephones and text messages
in the workplace Q-Max Alert seemed a natural progression to the
triggers already available in the main product. Q-Max Alert will enable
managers to have even more control over workflow therefore keeping both
staff and customers happy. Q-Max recently joined forces with Netcall, a
leading provider of callback and auto-messaging solutions; therefore we
were able to deliver this major new feature within Q-Max 6.3 quickly
and effectively.”

Calls coming into call centres vary throughout the day; staffing up to
meet the daily demands often means that service levels can vary
depending on the amount of staff to calls. This service is often put
under even more pressure if an advert or campaign is launched and the
calls increase, nearly always resulting in an increase of abandoned
calls. Q-Max 6.3 identifies this potential drop in service and will now
send an alert using Netcall’s InTouch thus enabling management to
respond accordingly without the need to keep a constant eye on the

Richard Farrell further commented: “Call handling performance is not
something that should be examined once a week with a weekly service
level report. The best operations deliver exceptional results because
they deliver the best possible service in each interval over the entire

Improved service levels mean happier callers and more cost-effective operations.


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