Fujifilm officially introduced FinePix Z700EXR

Fujifilm are proud to announce the launch of the FinePix Z700EXR, the first in a new class of EXR touch screen camera. Combining beautiful styling, award-winning EXR sensor technology and showcasing a gorgeous 3.5 inch touch screen LCD and a new YouTube/Facebook easy web upload tool, the Z700EXR really is a joy to handle.

With advanced features including an internal Fujinon 5x zoom lens, 12 megapixel resolution, 720p HD image capture, ISO to 3200 at full resolution and Dual Image Stabilisation, the Z700EXR will produce images that are just as magnificent as the camera itself.

FinePix Z700EXR

Beautiful to look at, beautiful to use:

  • The FinePix Z700EXR’s sensational design oozes luxury. The 16.7mm slim metal body features a smart horizontal lens cover with wave detail, which neatly acts as the on/off switch with a cool "Z" motif that lights up when the camera is in operation. And thanks to its petite build, it can be slipped in to any pocket or bag so it’s always ready for action.
  • However, the Z700EXR’s real talking point is its intuitive touch screen technology. The 3.5 inch touch screen display panel facilitates effortless navigation of the camera’s many functions. This responsive touch screen not only lets you take and view photos at the touch of a finger, but also provides a large, bright screen to compose and admire your photos.
  • With the addition of new Dual Direction GUI and Dual Image Display travelling though the Z700EXR’s functions is smooth and easy; Dual Direction GUI detects the orientation of the camera and automatically switches the direction of the menu button accordingly (for shooting, playback, multi-viewing and image search), while Dual Image Display splits the screen in various ways to view multiple images at once, so you can scroll through your images quickly and easily to locate the one you are looking for.

Advanced features at your fingertips:

  • Inside the slim metal chassis hides a generous, high-quality Fujinon 5x zoom lens (36-180mm equivalent). These world renowned high-precision optics will deliver pin-sharp results across the entire zoom range, be in dramatic close-up shots or wide-angle compositions.
  • What’s more, the Z700EXR incorporates Fujifilm’s award-winning Super CCD EXR sensor, prized for bringing a new level of image quality to the consumer compact market. EXR has the unique ability to switch its behaviour dependent on the shooting conditions; it can be left on EXR Auto, or alternatively you can manually select the EXR Priority mode for high resolution (HR), dynamic range (DR) or high sensitivity and low noise (SN).
  • The Z700EXR features Dual Image Stabilisation (CCD-shift) to minimise image blur. With high sensitivity settings up to ISO 3200 at full resolution, this camera is an excellent low-light performer. Additionally, it features Pro Low-light Mode which uses multi-frame technology to produce images with impressive clarity at high ISO levels, perfect when shooting subjects like cityscapes in poor light conditions.

High Performance meets HD:

  • HD is a must-have for the Z700EXR’s target audience. With 720p HD image and movie capture, they can rest assured that their memories are being captured in HD and they will be able to re-live them in glorious high definition on any HD ready television.
  • To connect to an HD-ready TV, you will need a HD Card Reader and HDMI cable (optional extras).

NEW Facebook & YouTube Folders:

  • Fujifilm has introduced a new Facebook/YouTube Easy Upload feature which again is perfectly suited to the target audience of this product. Users can mark their favourite images and videos to a Facebook folder or YouTube folder so they are all ready to go when they next connect to their computer. No more time is wasted sorting through pictures on the computer – just connect to MyFinePix Studio (supplied with the camera), and all marked images and videos will upload directly to the respective site at the press of a button.

Fun NEW Features:

  • Taking Face detection technology to the next level, Face Recognition technology has been developed by Fujifilm which allows you to pre-programme the Z700EXR to recognise up to eight people. Once you have set it up it will optimise the settings to ensure that your favourite people are always given preference when the camera is calculating focus and exposure.
  • In playback mode you can use a new Picture Search tool to search by name, for example bring up all the photos with ‘Tom’ in them. In addition you can also use this search function to sort by Scene type (Macro, Landscape, Portrait etc), and even by images that have been earmarked for Facebook upload.
  • The Z700EXR isn’t just all about people; it’s got some clever Pet Detection technology, too. This works in a similar way to Face Detection technology, and can identify up to ten cats or dogs in a scene and optimises the settings for your four-legged friends rather than any distracting background. So, whether you’re snapping your feline friends or in true Paris Hilton style capturing a portrait of your pooch, you can be sure your pet pictures are immaculate. 

Key features:

  • 12 Megapixel Super CCD EXR sensor
  • Fujinon 5x zoom lens (36-180mm equivalent)
  • 3.5 inch wide 460K dot touch screen LCD
  • Dual Image Stabilisation – CCD shift
  • 720p HD capture for stills and movies
  • ISO sensitivity to 3200
  • EXR Auto
  • Up to 400% expanded dynamic range
  • NEW Easy Web Upload function
  • NEW Face Recognition
  • NEW Pet Detection
  • NEW Image Search
  • NEW Dual Direction GUI and Dual Image Display
  • Pro Low-light Mode
  • Face Detection
  • Natural Light with Flash
  • Auto Picture Rotate


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