Ebbinghaus 3.2 is now released for Mac OS X

Independent software developer Christian Kienle today announced
Ebbinghaus 3.2 for Mac OS X. Ebbinghaus is an easy-to-use flash card
application with a beautiful iTunes-like user interface. Organize your
cards in decks, folders and smart decks. When selecting a deck, its
cards will be shown in a table. Each card has a progress indicator so
that you see your overall performance at a glance. Ebbinghaus was a
German psychologist, who invented the learning curve.

New in Ebbinghaus 3.2:
* Possibility to resize the study window
* When resizing the study window the current card becomes bigger
* Much content on a card? No problem: Scrolling is now enabled in the study view
* Better support for right to left languages like Hebrew
* Deck Preferences: Set default font attributes for new cards
* German localization. Hallo Deutschland, lernen macht Spass
* Bugfixes

Sharing Decks:
Decks can be exported and saved in any place on your hard disk. In
addition to that Ebbinghaus allows you to share a deck with your
friends via email with just a few clicks. Collaboration makes fun.

A wonderful way to study:
Select the deck and press "Study". It is that easy. Ebbinghaus will
show you the cards one by one. You can type in your answer and
Ebbinghaus will automatically detect whether your answer is right or

Smart decks:
Smart decks allow you to specify a set of rules that determine which
cards the deck will contain. For example, you could have a smart deck
that always contains cards you recently studied and answered wrong.

LaTeX formulas:
Ebbinghaus comes with a formula editor. The formula editor lets you
create graphical formulas by typing in a LaTeX style text. For example,
you can then drop the formula on any card. That’s the best way to learn
formulas of nearly any complexity.

Exporting to iPhoto:
Do you own an iPod or an iPhone? Great! Ebbinghaus lets you export
decks as a series of images directly to iPhoto with just a few clicks.
You can then use iTunes to sync them onto your iPod or iPhone and study
on the go.


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