Easyspace Launch Virtual Private Server Meta Trader Solution

Easyspace, one of the leading providers of Virtual Server
hosting solutions in the UK, has launched a new VPS package to provide a
robust virtual hosting solution for those involved in online trading.

The new MetaTrader tailored VPS comes with 640MB Memory, 2RDP
connections and 20GB Storage. Also boasting Intel Xeon Processors, an
extensive support service and Unlimited Bandwidth, this Virtual Private
Server allows online traders to run their own MetaTrader software how
they want, when they want.

Easyspace, who already offer a customisable VPS alongside one
standard and one premium specification virtual server, launched the
MetaTrader compatible server in response to a growing demand from
existing customers, and potentially new customers, for such a product.
Due to the nature of Online Trading and its requirement for continual
service provision, the server has been built with the suggestions of
those customers in mind, resulting in benefits such as higher
resilience, multiple RDP connections and Auto Reboot Functionality.

"The Auto Reboot function we have placed on our new server is born from
the requests of the trading community we spoke to during development.
Allowing their trading software to run continuously is crucial to them,
as is a fast restart of all functionality in the unlikely event of
service interruption." Comments Errol Vanderhorst, Managing Director at

"It’s because of this that we have installed the Auto Reboot
functionality, meaning that should there be any service interruption,
the server, its connections and the software will all be restarted
without any human intervention. Essentially, we are aiming to allow the
online trader to focus on trading and not have to worry about the
technical side of what they do."

As well as the functionality delivered specifically for this new
tailored Virtual
Metatrader Server solution, all servers bought will be hosted on an
Easyspace owned and managed infrastructure, comprising five Data Centres
across the UK.


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