Desktop client for Windows by Inbox2

Inbox2, the new revolutionary email platform that allows you to plug-in all of your existing email (Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook, Microsoft Exchange, AOL) or any custom IMAP/POP3 accounts, and social networks (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Yammer, Hyves) in one application, today announced the public beta launch of its free desktop client for Windows. Inbox2 collects all messages, document attachments, links and contacts from all of your existing email and social network accounts in one, convenient place, and allows you to read, reply, search and manage them without having to login to multiple accounts. Inbox2 is designed to reduce the complexity involved with the current email programs and add-ons required to fulfill the needs of today’s savvy Web2.0 professional consumers or ‘prosumers’ who typically use between five to ten different email and social network applications.

"The cost and complexity of existing email and application solutions is too high for the majority of prosumers," states Inbox2 CEO and co-founder, Khuram Hussain. "Inbox2 provides a free, simplified desktop alternative that allows you to keep all your content from these different applications services in one place without having to login to multiple accounts. You would need to combine the capabilities of Outlook and a plug-in like Xobni in order to have even a few of the Inbox2 features."

Inbox2 is equipped with powerful search capabilities that allow the user to search within attachments, status updates (including tweets), even when you are working offline. It also shows all your email messages and other delayed messages such as Facebook private messages and Twitter direct messages as conversation streams. The real-time streams are conveniently placed in the real-time bar at the bottom of the application where they can be viewed at anytime. You can also ‘pin’ any number of Twitter searches to this same bar to keep an eye on any topic directly from inside your email application.

Inbox2 allows the user to organize their inbox around people or content discovery including social and real-time channels, and in combination with a simple, intuitive user experience.

Key features include: • The option to put either the message or the contact person as the center viewing point and centrally organize all other content or entries around it. • Simple key actions and functions involved with managing all email or messages • The ability to view other related conversations from the sender including all received and sent attachments exchanged, plus all existing profile details of the sender next to any message • Easily locate any content related to a contact • View multiple social network and email profiles of the contact in one place • Documents displayed conveniently in a separate tab for easy sorting and searching • Images displayed in a separate tab in cover flow format

Developers and other applications will be able to access the Inbox2 platform APIs to create add-ons that further enrich and expand the messaging, sharing, searching and organizing experience around email in the near future. The Inbox2 platform is ideal for developers as it has autonomous capabilities for message and content exchange that are not source dependent.

Inbox2 users can expect a number of developments in the mobile space in the coming months, in addition to even more powerful and rich features. Users will also be able to upgrade to a premium, subscription-based solution in the future that offers full synchronization of all their inbox content within the Inbox2 platforms including desktop, web and mobile.


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