ConversionChat services by MediaTrust launched

MediaTrust, a New York-based digital performance marketing company, has added conversionChat services to its performance marketing platform offerings to help online advertisers recapture exiting traffic before they leave a marketer’s site. Developed in MediaTrust Labs following the company’s recent Kenzei acquisition, conversionChat is the latest addition to MediaTrust’s suite of conversion marketing and email remarketing solutions that help advertisers and publishers maximize revenue from their traffic.

MediaTrust conversionChat re-engages users via exit chat services when they begin a form or shopping process but do not complete it. The feature draws customers back in by answering questions and/or offering incentives to complete the sales process. Testing has shown that this conversion marketing tool can potentially bring back up to ten percent of total sales or leads, improving return on investment for online advertisers by up to 20 percent when used with other MediaTrust Conversion Solutions. Services such as conversionChat have become very popular recently as marketers seek to optimize the output they attain from existing interest and traffic they generate.

"ConversionChat offers the consumer a personalized and relevant way to engage with a brand or product and gain valuable purchase information," said Peter Bordes, co-founder and CEO of MediaTrust. "At the same time, this remarketing tool helps our partners generate additional revenue from traffic they’ve already captured, and increase their conversion rates and ROI on their media spend– it’s a win-win for everyone – especially in the lean-budget times we live in."

ConversionChat uses custom creative to match the look and feel of the advertiser’s site or offer. Setup involves just a single line of JavaScript placed on the advertiser’s page. The feature can be used for save-a-sale, up-sell and cross-sell transactions. It is also applicable to affiliate marketing, because it can track initial sales back to publishers for credit.

"ConversionChat helps budget-minded marketers do more with less," said Mike Stocker, vice president of strategic development with MediaTrust. "It’s an easy, cost-effective way to win more sales – it should be on every website with a lead form or commerce engine."

ConversionChat is the first innovation to emerge from the recently announced MediaTrust Labs initiative. It is the latest addition to MediaTrust’s Conversion Solutions, which allow advertisers to attain more from their online marketing efforts by increasing the likelihood of retaining and converting a new customer. MediaTrust’s suite of remarketing products is designed to optimize a marketer’s return on traffic using intelligent software tools that retarget by reaching out to the customer after they have left the traditional conversion path.


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