StarBurn SDK V12 application is now released

StarBurn Software today announced the official release of StarBurn Burning SDK V12 for Microsoft Windows. The new toolkit features advanced architecture for managing optical mastering, ripping and burning operations in third-party software applications. The release includes several new features including native 64-bit core, Windows 7 and Windows Vista support and an enhanced StarBurnX ActiveX and .NET interfaces.

"The StarBurn SDK code base for optical recording is already licensed to many world-class software companies," said Artem Berman, StarBurn Software’s CFO, VP of Sales and Strategic Development. "And because StarBurn Software offers developers SDK solutions for all the major developmet platforms including Java, C# and numerous Borland environments, we are attracting many software development companies that offer multi-platform software solutions. Our new Windows release is of particular interest to our Windows customers that are developing their software for the booming Windows 7 and Windows Vista 64-bit market."

The new Windows version of StarBurn SDK is based on the same solid and reliable code base as StarBurn Software’s award-winning StarBurn CD-DVD and Blu-Ray burning application. It is either static or dynamic linked library (ActiveX control for StarBurnX) that has been reduced to an extremely small footprint, less than 600 kilobytes. Along with the many features already in StarBurn SDK, the introduction of StarBurn SDK V12 for Windows enables developers to initialize and manage multiple recording devices and to simultaneously perform several tasks for grabbing, burning, copying, formatting and erasing optical media. Another new development in StarBurn Burning API is its UDF 2.50 and 2.60 burning and mastering of the BD video to any Blu-Ray disc. For help implementing these and any of StarBurn SDK many features, developers that license StarBurn SDK are eligible for StarBurn Software’s extensive support resources, both online and with email and telephone. Customers also receive free access to StarBurn Software’s exclusive developer website that features answers to frequently asked questions, sample code and practical instructions from StarBurn Software developers about using StarBurn SDK.

"StarBurn Software provides optical burning SDKs for numerous development platforms and they use basically the same toolkit architecture, regardless of the development environment," said Artem Berman. "Developers see StarBurn SDK as very coherent and easier to integrate into multiple software products. This latest release of StarBurn SDK for Windows is another jewel in the crown of StarBurn Software’s optical burning SDK support."


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