5-watt VHF Data Radio Modem unveiled by Raveon Technologies

Raveon Technologies announced a new VHF band (136-174MHz) radio modem compliant with FCC parts 22 and 90. The new VHF M7data radio modem is ideal for radio telemetry, SCADA, and AVL applications. It meets the FCC refarming, spectral efficiency, and narrow-banding requirements, so older wide-band radios that must be taken out of service may be upgraded to this state-of-the-art narrow-band VHF data radio. The M7’s transparent protocol makes it plug-and-play in most applications. It features up to 5 watts of RF output; outstanding communication range of up to 60 miles; fast T-R switching time of 5mS for telemetry systems; remote diagnostics for quick maintenance checks; and programmable over-the-air data rates of 1200-9600bps. Each unit has built in store-and-forward repeater capability to greatly increase radio coverage, and remote "Ping" capability for convenient connection testing. Remote site management is made easy with built-in voltage, temperature, and current monitoring.

The M7’s selectable RS232/422/485 interface allows it to interface to almost any telemetry system, PLC, GPS, RTU, or other data device. An optional internal GPS makes it ideal for AVL and asset tracking systems. It operates off of 10-16V DC input, and may be used in base-station or mobile applications. The M7 may be ordered with an IP65 weatherproof enclosure, and because it is the only radio modem built using rugged "single-board" construction, it is extremely tough – and cost effective.

The new M7 VHF modems complement the extremely popular M7 UHF series of Raveon wireless data modems, available in frequencies between 400-512Mhz. The addition of the new M7 VHF wireless data modem gives telemetry, SCADA, and AVL customers a broader range of system design options.


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