Motorola may develop smartphones using Windows Phone 7 Series

Although Motorola is betting big on Android, its CEO Sanjay Jha has not rejected the idea of developing smartphones using Windows Phone 7 Series.

The comeback of U.S. manufacturer Motorola is mainly due to his new position on smartphones and use Google’s Android. First to propose a terminal in Android 2.0, taking advantage of its know-how to launch the original terminal and many decided to offer a complete range in 2010, his strategy seems to be entirely dedicated to Android.

In reality, this is not exactly the case. Its CEO, Sanjay Jha, has never closed the door to other systems and the company has long produced Windows Mobile devices. And with the arrival of Windows 7 Series Phone, the exchange finally gives in relation to earlier versions of Windows Mobile.

Interviewed by the Wall Street Journal about the possibility of using the Microsoft mobile OS in future devices, Sanjay Jha has not dismissed the idea: "I am open to this option. I think we need diversity in our lines, "he said, while the interface Motoblur could be conducted on various equipment, the TV connected to the DVR.

This is one of the challenges of merging branches and mobile digital decoders announced recently and that should give rise to an independent company. Motoblur of the hubs Phone Windows 7 Series, there is only one step.

It remains to what extent the new developments in the Microsoft OS will win and the general public and businesses, large and small. The presentation made at the MWC show in Barcelona in 2010 was clearly focused on the first target. But, as we have indicated on several occasions, many items have not yet been disclosed.

The developers MIX conference in March is expected to shed new light on Windows 7 Series Phone.


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