Mass Effect 2 Free DLC next month

Rumors have preceded the announcement of Bioware, but have not spoken in detail about what he would expect the players to next March.

We were expecting an announcement of BioWare at GDC 2010 held next month, but the developer has decided to reveal his future plans before. Unless it is a question of anything else at this conference, what we know between 9 and 13 March. Regarding the daily news, Bioware is promising players Mass Effect 2 additional content for free.

The "Firewalker" pack will give players five new missions and a new heavy vehicle, the Hammerhead that you can take control. The vehicle will take you into the air and will drive up to 120 km / h. A missile system named for him, allowing high precision in his shots.

To have this pack, the only obligation is to the network Cerberus. To recall, the network is available to players with a new and original version of Mass Effect 2. For players with a game of chance, it is still possible to buy a new code Cerberus and take advantage of all the free DLC offered by Bioware.


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