News Widget From Trading Floor

Trading Floor, the website featuring commentary by
Saxo Bank’s strategy team, is launching a news widget – a ‘mini web
site’ – allowing the latest stories from Trading Floor to be placed on
any website or blog by pasting a few lines of computer code.

widget is the first of several FX Tools under development that will be
launched during 2010. The tools will support Trading Floor’s aim of
providing the best knowledge to online traders in Forex trading,
equities, FX options and CFD trading. The code can be copied from and links are provided to help on how to add
the code to the two of the most widely used blogging platforms.

Floor’s strategy team writes posts throughout the trading day, starting
with the opening of European markets to the close of Asian.

Floor offers a range of news and market analysis including the daily
trading stance which highlights the important signs to watch for in
economic indicators and key levels for the major currency crosses, FX
options and commodities. This includes a calendar for important earnings
announcements and macroeconomic events. Trading Floor also publishes a
wide range of reports covering macroeconomic indicators, and trading
suggestions for FX and equities which are all free to download. Trading
Floor also offers two to three interviews a week covering FX, equities
and commodities. Commodities are covered with Ole Hansen on Wednesday
and the FX and equity update is broadcast on Friday. Extra interviews
are posted for significant macroeconomic indicators or reports.

on Trading Floor is written by Chief Economist David Karsbøl, Equity
Strategist Christian Tegllund Blaabjerg and Forex expert John Hardy.
Futures and Fixed Income expertise is provided by Ole S. Hansen and Alan
Plaugmann. Also commenting are Market Strategist Mads Koefoed and
Research Analyst Robin Bagger-Sjoback.


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