Square Enix launches Fantasy Star I and II on iPhone

Back to basics for Square Enix to publish games Fantasy Star I and II on the iPhone. Quests, dungeons and battles are scheduled. Square Enix offers on the App Store titles cults Final Fantasy I and II, reviving the spirit of titles launched for the first time in Japan … 1987 and 1988, which would result in more than a dozen compositions, the animated and derivatives.

These first episodes put in place a system of play based exploration of worlds, the evolution of characters and fighting will be widely taken up subsequently in many ways. Titles resume the theme of the original versions but enjoy graphics reviewed and corrected and a reworked gameplay tailored to the platform iPhone OS. Final Fantasy I take advantage of additional maps and Soul of Chaos Labyrinth of Time.

 Fantasy Star I and II

Final Fantasy II integrate meanwhile bonus dungeons and Soul of Rebirth Arcane Labyrinth, with the same combat system and scenario several branches. 


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