V-MODA Presents Remix Remote Headphones

V-MODA, the music lifestyle brand and manufacturer of award-winning
headphones, today announced Remix Remote, the latest fashion-forward
in-ear headphone featuring unrivaled audio performance partnered with an
integrated three-button remote. Created by V-MODA’s meticulous
acoustics and engineering team, Remix Remote is a completely redesigned
version of the company’s original in-ear headphones, created to enhance
the listening experience and dynamics of today’s music while
capitalizing on the capabilities of the iPhone, iPod and Mac notebooks.

Designed for ultimate durability, unparalleled audio clarity
and absolute affordability, Remix Remote is a testament to V-MODA’s
passionate dedication to the development of sound and precise
construction for even the most discerning listener. From the remastered
driver to the redesigned soft silicone fittings developed to enhance
ergonomic and audio performance, consumers will enjoy a unique and
distinct listening experience with the perfect balance of punchy bass
and high-definition audio clarity. The remote and high fidelity
microphone allows hands-free access for users to answer calls and
control their music library. The all-metal construction,
Kevlar-reinforced cables and commitment to quality is backed by a
two-year premium warranty and V-MODA’s "No Questions Asked" 50 percent
off lifetime headphone replacement guarantee.

"Great in-ear headphones are a result of a fanatical passion
for the skill, art and love of music. We’ve spent years researching and
fine-tuning our headphones alongside world-renowned musicians and DJs,
and Remix Remote is our best product yet in terms of pure sound, rock
solid durability improvements, ergonomics, and value," said Val Kolton,
V-MODA CEO and founder, independent DJ and producer. "In our modern
lifestyle we listen to our music on headphones more than at home, in the
car or at clubs. It is my goal to recreate the sound and sensations of
an epic sound system anywhere and anytime, fused with the fashionable
design V-MODA is known for."

The V-MODA Remix Remote features:


A discreet, in-line three-button remote allows the user to control
the music playback, volume, VoiceOver or Voice Control functions with
ease. A newly tuned 9mm V-MASQUE neodymium dynamic driver creates the
absolute in clarity and the perfect balance in sound, while the
BEAT-PORT air flow system delivers a high-definition soundstage,
invoking the sense of a live music experience. V-MODA’s revered BLISS
(Bass Level Isolating Soft Silicone) noise-isolating technology further
reduces outside noise and enables deep punchy bass for the ultimate
audio experience.


Featuring a minimalist and ergonomic design, Remix Remote’s solid yet
lightweight all-metal construction makes a powerful statement. Its
durable features are developed for fashion-conscious, on-the-go
lifestyles. The earbuds feature newly designed medical-grade soft
silicone fittings with a new shape offering a more comfortable and
secure fit while also further enhancing V-MODA’s signature soundscape
with improved clarity. The detachable sport earhooks feature
patent-pending Active Flex technology, allowing the headphones to adjust
independently to each ear regardless of the earhook’s position.


After years of diligent engineering, Remix Remote is stronger than
many headphones sold within the same price range. Each component was
dissected and analyzed to create a high-quality headphone that could
withstand the extended use by V-MODA’s dedicated listeners. With the
added function and dual functionality of today’s headphones as headsets,
it is paramount that the cable and plug are as precisely engineered as
the ear buds. Special attention was given to a custom cable construction
comprised of a strong Kevlar core to relieve tension and a uniquely
braided copper material that is specially designed to flex during use.
The durable, PVC-free and tactically pleasing cable is designed to
reduce microphonics. The gold-plated plug and stainless steel core
feature a 45-degree extended strain relief to withstand stress.


Remix Remote provides an easy-to-use integrated three-button remote
control that works with iPhone 3GS, the second generation iPod touch,
fourth and fifth generation iPod nano, third generation iPod shuffle,
the 120GB and 160GB iPod classic, MacBook and MacBook Pro.


Starting today, the Remix Remote will be available through Apple’s
retail stores as well as at Shop.v-moda.com for a retail price of


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