Mi-Fone Africa’s Fastest Growing Mobile Devices Enter’s India

Mi-Fone, Africa’s fastest growing mobile devices brand and nominee for “New Entrant of the Year 2009” at the recent 2nd annual AfricaCom Awards, is all set to make its entry into the Indian Market.

The Mi-Fone range of mobile handsets currently available in India includes the Mi-Q family, Mi-5QS, Mi-338, Mi-2010 and Mi-350a.

The Mi-Q family of mobile handsets includes the Mi-Q (voice/SMS), Mi-Q1 GPRS with camera and Dual Sim card as well as the Mi-Q5S. With a full colour screen, FM radio and QWERTY keypad, the Mi-Q range provides affordable and quality user-friendly solutions in a compact package. The later versions of the Mi-Qwerty range will also include “MI-APPS” which will enable the mass market sector to get a lighter version of the “Blackberry experience”. Mi-Apps will launch with Push email and Messenger.

The Mi-Q338 offers an LCD touch screen, Dual Sim along with analog TV, MP3 and video capability as well as multi-media functions including SMS, MMS, GPRS, WAP and a shake sensor.

The Mi-350a comes with an antenna, which increases the reception by 2-3db, it also boasts two batteries – an innovative way of changing a battery even though the phone remains on.

Mi-2010 is a low cost Dual Sim handset with cam.

Alpesh Patel, CEO Mi-Fone, says, “Mi-Fone’s entry into the India market started mid 2009 with the signing up of authorized distribution channels. We wanted to test the waters first as we know India to be an extremely competitive market.” Patel continues, “I am confident that with our current sales forecasts the time is right to embark on our brand awareness campaigns nationwide. Mi-Fone is not your typical out-of-the-box brand. Our team consists of individuals who have more than 25 years combined experience in the handset business. This, coupled with a young and creative marketing team, means that we are able to deliver relevant product offerings to the new mass market sectors. Our ongoing success in Africa with GSM Carriers, wholesalers and retailers has given us a good foundation on which to enter the Indian market.”


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