AllWebMenus PRO, v5.2 is now available

Likno Software released the latest version of AllWebMenus PRO, v5.2 build #814. A DHTML menu/JavaScript menu builder that creates any kind of popup menu for website navigation, without any programming experience required from the user.

The created SEO-friendly web menus, CSS menus, Mega drop-down menus, AJAX menus etc. work alike in all DHTML browsers (IE, Firefox, Mozilla, Safari, Chrome, Opera etc.) and all popular platforms (Win, Mac, Unix).

Plenty of Themes and properties can be applied to create slide or drop-down menus with static or animated images, borders, effects, etc. Addins are also available for Sliding menus, Floating menus, Server-Side menus, WordPress/Joomla menus, SEO CSS menus, etc.).

AllWebMenus is easy & visual for non-programmers, while powerful for programmers!

Some enhancements/features in the new version:

– Support for exporting/importing custom themes (all custom themes are now saved in the "Application Data" folder).
– New version for all Server-Side related AddIns (SSM, Actinic, Joomla, WordPress).
– Bug fixes

General Features of AllWebMenus:

– Ready-made Themes/Examples for creating stylish menus
– Rich & intuitive User Interface
– All authoring tools & CMS platforms supported
– Plenty of buttons, icons, bullets, arrows & backgrounds to use
– Optimized engine with separate JavaScripts for different browsers
– Menus populated EITHER by items within your project OR "on-the-fly", using on-page _UL__LI_ items
– UNICODE text support
– Right-to-Left language (RTL) support (Arabic, Hebrew, etc.)
– Dreamweaver extension/NetObjects Fusion component
– WordPress Menu & Joomla Menu Add-ins
– FrontPage Add-in
– Expression Web support
– SEO CSS Menu Addin (Search Engine friendly menus)
– Sliding Menu, Floating Menus & Server Side Menus Addins (API for programmable menus)
– Multiple Rows/Columns on menus/submenus
– Various Opening/Closing effects
– Scrollbar or Auto Scroll option for large submenus
– Auto highlight currently visited item
– Use of menus over flash objects, form elements, applets and iframes
– Use of multiple menus on the same page
– Easy/flexible positioning options
– Free Sitemap Builder

AllWebMenus PRO costs $59.95 (single-user license). Available for Windows 98/ME/2000/NT/XP/Vista/7.


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