iSBMNH application for Iphone is now available

The application was a joint development effort between the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History, TEAM International and iTMP.

iSBNature allows museum enthusiasts to access the museum’s website,
displays multiple exhibits including butterflies alive and provides a
detailed map of the museum. The following features are available for
customer review: Santa Barbara’s famous Rattle Snake, Butterflies
Alive, Musetube and the Ty Warner Sea Center. Musetube takes users to
the museum link on YouTube and the rattle snake button takes them to
the snake world and help discover different types of rattle snakes.
Butterflies Alive is one of the current exhibits at the museum, which
includes pictures, names of various species and a brief history of
butterflies along with an audio tour.

The application is a real treat for people who are interested in the
world that surrounds them and want to learn more about it. In addition
to all the features, it is free.

TEAM International is a U.S. based IT professional services firm that
provides custom application development on JAVA and Microsoft
Platforms; Mobile Smartphone development including PDA applications for
IPhone & BlackBerry; SaaS Cloud Computing on the
platform; QA & Testing services. TEAM is CMMI Level 3 certified
with IT Outsourcing & Offshore Software Development Center in
Kharkov, Ukraine, Eastern Europe.


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