Comm100 Live Chat 3.0 application is now launched

Having the right tools to meet customer needs with speed and efficiency
is crucial to business success. That’s why Comm100, the provider of
open source and free hosted customer service software, has just
launched Comm100 Live Chat 3.0, the fast-growing online customer
support solution with improved features.
Comm100 Live Chat is designed to h

Comm100 Live Chat is designed to help businesses address customer
needs in real time through online chat. The 3.0 version involves
several improvements including a rewritten visitor monitor module based
on Flash, support for a broader range of operating systems and
browsers, improved voice chat function and panel interface, and some
bug fixes.

"The changes we’ve implemented will greatly improve usability and
functionality allowing businesses to meet customer needs immediately.
Comm100 Live Chat 3.0 provides an overall outstanding business-customer
experience," said Amy Gu, VP of Comm100.

The ability to have a 360 degree view of website visitors and to
address customer needs immediately through live chat gives businesses
an advantage in developing customer trust and loyalty. With Comm100
Live Chat, customers benefit by getting their questions answered
instantly; businesses benefit by gaining loyal customers and the
potential for increased sales.

To enhance brand identity, Comm100 Live Chat is fully customizable.
Businesses can customize chat buttons and windows with a logo to fit
their branding image. It’s also easy to get started. Just register for
an account, grab the generated code and paste it into the web pages.
Comm100 Live Chat is fully hosted and managed by Comm100, who handles
all the server side hardware, software, network and back up.

Comm100 Live Chat is one of a series of integrated online customer
support solutions offered by Comm100 including Newsletter, Knowledge
Base, Forum, Email Case Management, Ticket System, etc.


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