Chrome 5 to auto translate websites for you

Google’s Chrome browser is to offer
on the fly translating so you won’t have to worry about installing an
extension or manually doing it.

The news, which has been uncovered in Chrome 5, the latest developer
channel version of the browser, shows that Google is continuing to build
on its "you don’t have to learn a language" mantra its CEO outlined at Mobile World Congress
last month. It also appears to be present in the latest 4.1.249 beta.

Although you can get an extension already for the browser, Google has
now added it as default with the ability to turn it off if you want, as
well as isolating it for specific sites.

"When you are at a site that is in a different language than yours,
Chrome 5 automatically detects that and asks you if you want to
translate the page. It takes a few seconds, then you will be able to
read the page in your language", says Daniel Cawrey.

The software will only auto translate words rather than pictures or
flash animations.

Google’s translate button is already getting executives in trouble
after the press pick up dodgy translations from Google’s service. Is this
likely to continue that trait.


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