3D Consumer Research Center From CBS and Sony Electronics

As 3D technology and content continue to change the way consumers
experience their entertainment, Sony Electronics and CBS today unveiled
"The Sony 3D Experience." This research center and screening facility
will focus on consumer preferences and perceptions toward 3D
programming, as well as how broadcasters and studios can best deliver 3D
content for viewing both in and out of the home.

The Sony 3D Experience will be located within the expanded CBS
Television City research facility at MGM Grand Hotel & Casino in
Las Vegas. The new center is also being supported by RealD, which is
providing its advanced 3D filters and eyewear to help complete the 3D

"Just as Sony and CBS led the way to establishing some of the
most compelling HD programming for consumers, the time is right for a
dedicated resource devoted to studying 3D in all its forms," said Mike
Fasulo, Sony Electronics’ executive vice president and chief marketing
officer. "3D is a reality, as shown by the success of 3D movies and
alternative programming like live events and sports, and we expect more
3D content and delivery options to emerge."

The facility is divided into two primary zones: 3D theatrical
entertainment; which will preview and promote the latest 3D motion
picture releases; and 3D home entertainment, which will highlight and
demonstrate the newest trends for 3D in the home, including 3D
compatible HDTVs, PlayStation3 systems and upcoming Blu-ray 3D players
and titles.

Additionally, consumers will be able to learn about the latest
3D developments, such as the upcoming launch of the ESPN 3D Network and
the new 3D channel resulting from a joint venture among Discovery
Communications, IMAX and Sony.

"This new extension of our research facility in Las Vegas was
designed to provide visitors with hands-on access to the most
cutting-edge home entertainment technology available and while doing so,
offer content and technology providers continuous user-feedback and
research," said David Poltrack, Chief Research Officer and President of
CBS Vision. "We are pleased that a company as distinguished as Sony has
stepped up to be the first player not only because the company has long
been a leading innovator but also because it is focusing on the most
exciting and talked-about new technology which is 3D."

CBS Television City at MGM Grand is a well-established
research facility that incorporates traditional qualitative and
quantitative methods like focus groups and surveys, as well as advanced
bio-metric techniques such as eye tracking and brain scanning using
NeuroFocus technology, in a transparent research environment. The
facility provides singular, organic access to more than 1.1 million
visitors annually, representing a geographic, demographic and
psychographic cross-section of the US consumer population. As a result,
highly specific consumer samples can be easily recruited from a visitor
population that has historically been highly inclined to participate in
media, entertainment and advertising research efforts.

The Sony 3D Experience is one of several recent Sony
initiatives in the 3D arena. The company also just unveiled its new 3D
Technology Center on the Sony Pictures Entertainment lot in Culver City,
Calif., which will offer industry professionals the opportunity to
learn more about the techniques and equipment for 3D production and
content creation.


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