Tidy Up! 2.2 is now available

Mac applications publisher Hyperbolic Software today is pleased to
announce the release of Tidy Up! 2.2.0, the latest version of the
company’s award-winning duplicate finder and disk tidying utility.
Continues the discount of the 23%, buy it now and pay only $30 instead
of $39.

Tidy Up! has become a must-have utility for Mac owners seeking to
reclaim disk space being taken up by duplicate files and packages.
Employing a fast search algorithm that quickly scans any mounted drive
volumes (hard drives, optical discs and portable drives) without
writing an index, Tidy Up! locates duplicate items using a wide range
of criteria including: owner application, time created or modified,
name, label, extension and content.

Tidy Up! also offers the capability to scan the databases of popular
Apple applications such as iPhoto, Aperture, iTunes and Mail. Tidy Up!
makes use of "Smart Baskets" for quick and easy organization of found
items, with the ability to trash, move or archive duplicates, as well
as the option to export a list of found items as HTML or text files.

Version 2 of Tidy Up! introduces nearly 50 new features to this already comprehensive tool. Among the key improvements are:
* A new Basic Search mode with over 90 predefined search types
* EXIF information supported through new search criteria and Smart Basket criteria
* The ability to exclude any supported applications (iTunes, iPhoto,
Aperture and Mail) from the search, allowing for identification of
items not included in their databases
* Smart Basket capability to identify items belonging to a particular album, playlist or mailbox
* Moved and trashed items may now be replaced with an alias or symbolic link
* A new and improved interface, including additional information displayed when selecting a found item
* New user manual

From version 2.2.0:
* Added full compatibility with Aperture 3
* Fixed a bug that sometimes crashed the application during a search for MP3 files
* Made some cosmetic improvements
* Fixed other minor bugs

Pricing and Availability:
Version 2.2 of Tidy Up! requires OSX 10.5 or greater, Snow Leopard full
compatible; for machines running earlier versions of Tiger and Leopard,
Tidy Up! versions 1.2.11 and 1.4.10 are still available. Continues the
discount of the 23%, buy it now and pay only $30 (USD) instead of $39;
users of Tidy Up! version 1.x can upgrade for $20.


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