IndusGuard is now available by Indusface

IndusfaceTM, a leading organization offering end to end information security services and solutions today announced its new solution IndusGuardTM. IndusGuard is an innovative zero touch, non – intrusive, cost effective, web based solution for safeguarding business websites, business reputation and online revenues. IndusGuard helps keeping the customer’s data and information secure by daily scanning a website for presence of malware, viruses, vulnerabilities, and Web application flaws that open the door to hackers. By leveraging a Security-as-a-Service (SaaS) architecture in the cloud there is no hardware or software to install and the IndusGuard service is instantly accessible allowing customers to begin securing their website within minutes.

It is estimated that there are around 1.73 billion internet users worldwide. The increasing dependency of internet has created a path for hackers and unethical elements to exploit the users. Though every organization has its own unique challenges while going online, the common trend faced across all industries is the escalating sophistication of intruder attacks against vulnerabilities found in networks, enterprise applications, Web applications and databases. This evolving threat landscape has made internet users very wary of the sites they browse and transact on.

"An increase in customer confidence, website traffic and building trust are the most critical needs of all businesses that are heavily dependent on the internet. IndusGuard works with all businesses to ensure that there is no loss of business and brand reputation on account of web attacks and also aims to help boost customer confidence" said Ashish Tandon, Chief Executive Officer at Indusface.

As an end to end information security provider, Indusface is committed to help securing the Internet and making it making it safe for ecommerce. Indusface also helps businesses comply with compliance regulations and build a secure network, infrastructure and processes. To comply to this mission and as one of its offerings, Indusface offers SSL certificates which enable secure ecommerce transactions. With hundreds of SSL customers ranging across all industry verticals, Indusface has already earned the trust and confidence of being an organization that can be relied upon. While SSL certificates ensure secure transactions, IndusGuard helps achieve website validation and provides advanced website security through its vulnerability audit, application audit and malware and virus detection features. IndusGuard has a secured seal which is provided to all websites who clear the daily IndusGuard scan and this seal aims to boost consumer confidence in a website.

According to Indusface President Dhanya Thakkar, "Having earned the trust and confidence of our SSL customers which include some of the largest banks and financial institutions, manufacturing companies, online portals, government organizations and others, IndusGuard is confident of being able to help organizations build a secure online infrastructure. With very comprehensive features of application, vulnerability scanning and malware detection and some very user friendly service features, IndusGuard which has been launched at a very attractive price is sure to win the confidence of all organizations that are conscious of the need to be secure from the looming web threats."

IndusGuard unique user friendly features:

With its unique combination of trust-building features, the IndusGuard service delivers value to the end user and its customers:

    * No hardware or software installation
      helps activation of the service in quick time
    * Free 15 day trial offer
      helps build understanding of the concept of the service and its usefulness
    * Scanning Engines
      to detect and report application and network vulnerabilities and malwares
    * Unique Malware Detection capability
      helps being secure from zero day attacks too and protects against blacklisting
    * IndusGuard Security Information Center (iSIC)
      Online 24*7 web based reporting
    * Secured Seal
      demonstrates your commitment to website security
    * Helps achieve industry compliance requirements
      PCI, ISO 27001

    * Customer Support
      ensures your issues get immediate attention and help to remediate vulnerabilities

IndusGuard Subscription

IndusGuard annual subscriptions are available at an extremely competitive and attractive cost of INR 25,000 / USD 550 (international pricing) per web site.


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