Web Access 2.0 application is launched by Drishti

Drishti-Soft announces the launch of Ameyo Web Access 2.0. This
browser-based application from the house of Drishti is a single window
agent workbench specifically designed to provide a simple yet powerful
answer to the needs of a call center agent. Ameyo Web Access 2.0 not
just increases the efficiency but also helps reduce average handling
time of the agents. Developed using Rich AJAX and JavaScript platform,
the interface is easily adaptable for complex processes of enterprise
communications as it can be embedded in their existing applications
(.net, Java and other web-based applications).
The call center agent follows a ve

The call center agent follows a very strenuous and monotonous work
pattern. Equipping the agent with the right tools in a single-click
access would definitely reflect on the overall agent performance. Agent
screen should be an effective presentation of all important information
as well as call handling controls. However, the challenges faced by
call center agents in terms of web-interface are – clustered designing;
irrelevant icons thrown in and less space left for key telephony
functionalities and CRM data. This creates confusion for the already
fatigued agent.

"The new Ameyo Web Access 2.0 platform has been designed to utilize
every pixel of the agent screen in the most optimal manner. Ease-of-use
and comprehensive functionalities have been taken as the key focus
areas while engineering and designing the application. Call controls,
callback management, presence information, agent statistics, campaign
statistics, CRM screen and knowledgebase have been presented in a
single-click access manner to uncomplicated the usage of various
functionalities." – says Deepak Saklani, Designer at Drishti Labs.

The Ameyo Web Access 2.0 agent workbench includes a more optimized
display of telephony controls to create more space for business
specific information for the agent via knowledgebase and CRM screen.
The agent is better equipped with real-time and detailed information in
a single screen view and can handle a customer more effectively. The
agent workbench also includes call status details showing the details
of last call dialed/ attended by the agent.

Self assessment sections of Ameyo Web Access 2.0 are powerful tools to
improvise on agent performance. These include Call summary of the agent
Vs entire campaign on hourly or shift basis and also call statistics
showing the agent score on various parameters as compared to the
average score of the campaign. The agent can analyze his individual
performance in comparison to the overall campaign and narrow down to
his problem areas. To further facilitate this, the agent can click on
the call history and listen to or download his voice logs to realize
the actual point of improvisation so that he can appropriately optimize
his efforts and perform better.

Such advanced functionalities provided to a call center agent not only
add to his skill-set but also simplify the agent’s job. With a host of
automations and self-analysis tools available at just a click, the
agent functions as his own supervisor and adds to the overall campaign
performance. Hence, Ameyo Web Access 2.0 can be a call center agent’s
buddy, assisting and motivating him to perform better.


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