Conalgo introduced the World’s First Real-time iPod Browser ‘Milk Crater’

Conalgo unveiled "Milk Crater" the world’s first real-time audio iPod browser.

Conalgo- Milk Crater

Unlike other iPod applications (including Apple’s own iPod application), Milk Crater allows the listener to browse an expansive tiled grid of their iTunes cover art. As the listener glides over a particular square, the audio switches in real time to the corresponding audio track. If the user returns to the same spot, she will hear the same track from where she left off.

Because the transitions between songs are seamless and uninterrupted, listeners are able to enter a mental state of "flow" when browsing music. It is this deeper level of immersion while browsing that becomes a new experience unto itself – not unlike creating music.

In order to assist users, Milk Crater also includes search functionality consistent with its ultra-fast interface. It is also simple and fast for the user to add tracks to playlists as they browse. Playlists can be saved for later or even exported.

"I’ve been bringing Milk Crater to parties and get-togethers and am always surprised by the reaction and how quickly people ‘get it.’ It’s been a great icebreaker," said Neil Hepburn, GM of marketing.

Milk Crater has been translated into eight major languages: English, Chinese, Spanish, Russian, French, Japanese, German, Italian. The is currently on sale in the iTunes App Store for $2.99.


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