Release of Version 2010 of The Coaches Consoles Business Management Software

The new version is a result of over two years of
gathering feedback from their members, while also researching the needs
of today’s small business owners. The release follows a year in which
The Coaches Console emphasized helping professional coaches and other
service professionals achieve greater “Business Success.” This includes
launching a blog called “Business Success Hub,” that provides free
business advice to coaches and other service professionals, in addition
to offering other business success services such as, a VA program, &
free teleclasses. The system upgrade contains many new features and an
overall face-lift that will compliment this “Business Success” focus.

The Coaches Console has focused primarily in the past on the internal,
practice management aspect of running a business, the major focus on the
new version is to support its members in the areas of marketing,
getting new clients and overall “Business Success.” Being able to choose
from multiple website templates enables members of The Coaches Console
to implement better online marketing strategies, which build their
brands and generate more interest.

Another focus of the release
is the upgrade and enhancements to the on-line scheduling module.
Members of The Coaches Console are now able to synchronize their
calendar to third-party calendars (Outlook, iCal) in a streamlined,
automated manner. And the auto-sync feature has been added, enabling
members to integrate their Coaches Console calendar to their smart
phones and mobile devices (such as the iPhone and Android).

are other enhancements such as more extensive international
capabilities, more capabilities for clients to upload documents,
materials and information relevant to the client-professional
relationship and greater overall flexibility and customization

Co-Founder and President, Melinda Cohan emphasizes
that the new version and Business Success Services focus on helping
members “Get More Clients, Earn More Money and Make a Bigger


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