Automotive Expert Bobby Likis’ ‘State of the Automotive Industry’ Suite

Respected automotive industry expert & host of the nationally
syndicated "Bobby Likis Car Clinic" broadcast, Bobby Likis tells it like
it is in the automotive service aftermarket industry (including the
aftermarket "sweet spot," automotive maintenance & gas prices);
shares what he learned during his recorded interview with Mark Reuss
(President, General Motors North America); and gives insight into
Chairman Akio Toyoda’s testimony before Congress.

Published in March’s Aftermarket Business magazine,
Likis lasered his 38 years of experience in the automotive service
aftermarket industry to predict its future. Says Likis, "I’m a sharp
shooter & I’m going right to the heart of the matter…the industry
struggles with its broken business model of buying customers with its
$19.95 oil change, forcing up-sells that continue to devalue – and
degrade – the service industry." He adds, "The automotive service
aftermarket sector is fragmented and needs re-genesis & a fresh
start in consumers’ eyes." Likis’ recorded analysis is available in its
entirety or in short segments on YouTube.
See videos titled "Aftermarket Sweet Spot."

Mark Reuss talked candidly with Likis as Reuss drove a 2011
Cruze from Detroit to Lordstown, OH, the site of a "recall" of another
kind: that of bringing back 1200 laid-off General Motors workers. Likis
revealed little known facts about Reuss and chatted about GM’s impact
on the economy


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