Super Intelligent Flash now introduced by Fujifilm

The Indian subsidiary of FUJIFILM Corporation, FUJIFILM India Pvt. Ltd, has introduced new FinePix technology – the Super Intelligent Flash – that helps photographers take better pictures irrespective of the light conditions.

This new technology developed by one of the world’s largest photographic solutions company looks into the problem by flash. There are times when photographers
do not get the desired results after using the flash. For example,
photos of cuisines appear whitish or for that matter the picture has a
strange shadow and is not pleasing. In fact, there can be instances
when there is no light in the background. Flash photography can be
difficult for best ofphotographers as well.

According to Mr. Kenichi Tanaka, Managing Director, FUJIFILM India, “Our Super Intelligent Flash is here to fix all these problems! FUJIFILM FinePix range of digital cameras automatically adjusts to the right amount of light for the scene, so that photographers can enjoy beautiful, atmospheric photos. The results are bound to leave the even the professional photographers
speechless! And all it takes is to set the camera to AUTO and press the
shutter. It is especially effective for close-up photos.”

Mr. A. Rajkumar, Country General Manager (DSC), FUJIFILM
India, said, “Our constant endeavour while we develop products for
markets across the world is to make photography easy sans any
compromise on picture quality. Our innovations, time and again, have
taken the pain and technicalities associated with professional
photography besides addressing all concerns of amateur as well as

This new feature helps photographers
take beautiful photos of sundries and other knick-knacks. It especially
comes handy while photographing products for online stores, for keeping
photographic record of hobbies and creations or for capturing vivid
colours of flowers etc., not to forget the mouth-watering shots of food
and sweets, stylish photographs of the cafes and beautiful pictures of
cuisine to upload on the blogs etc. Using this feature,photographers can take beautiful portrait shots and photographs of their pets (even capture the softness of pet’s fur).


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