Sigma DP1x hands-on

Following the launch of the Sigma DP1x at PMA
in Las Vegas, the company has thrown it on a plane to Blighty allowing
us to come along with a camera and snap the goods.

Still in "prototype" development we managed to get a quick fondle of
the new model, but alas weren’t allowed to take any photos of the menu
system in action.

Sigma DP1x Sigma DP1x

Sigma DP1x Sigma DP1x

The DP1x is an upgrade from the DP1, launched in March 2008. It has a
14-megapixel Foveon X3 image sensor, and Sigma’s TRUEII image
processing engine.

Inside, there’s a 16.6mm F4 lens which has been designed solely for
the DP1 series and the autofocus algorithm and UI have been tweaked a
little over the DP1.



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