Querious application is available for Mac OS X

Araelium Group announced today the release of its all-new
Querious(TM) database management application for Mac OS X. Querious
includes the ability to view, edit, and search data, manage table
schema, indexes, queries, and users, and ships initially with a native
connector to MySQL 5. Direct, SSH, and SSL connections are all
supported. Querious has been built from the ground up as a modern OS X
application featuring a well-crafted user experience that is both
comfortable and manages to stay out of the way of experienced
developers and database administrators.

Seth Willits, the application’s creator said, "We were frustrated by
having to choose from apps with poorly designed, non-standard, or
ported interfaces. Any of the Mac-native apps we did find were either
designed to handhold people who really don’t know SQL, or they just
weren’t full-featured enough to suit our needs. Querious provides the
balance of a great, native, GUI interface and yet lets users interact
directly with the database very efficiently."

The Querious interface features a well-organized design enabling
fluid navigation between viewing data, editing schemas, writing
queries, and administrating users. Tabbed windows allows multiple
active views at the same time including multiple sessions and query
results without the clutter of multiple windows like other applications

Data searches are done with the built-in Records Filter conveniently
placed above the records view, or with full SQL queries. Queries are
kept in a history, or saved as favorites in user-defined folders.
Previously saved queries can be modified. Data can be exported as SQL,
CSV, Tab, and other formats. Full backups can be exported with optional
table create and drop statements.

Querious also features a CSV/Tab records viewer and editor. Records
files can be viewed, searched, and edited in a speadsheet-like manner
without the problems of data being altered by the spreadsheet
application. Files can also be transformed into alternate formats.

Seth Willits further added, "We’re excited about this first release
as it provides an improved user experience over existing products, and
it creates a platform for us to add great features, create additional
database connectors, and improve the user experience of even more areas
of database management in future versions." Querious(TM) is a product
of Araelium Group, a development company located in Southern California
dedicated to developing Mac OS X applications.

What’s in 1.0:
* Secure connections over SSL and through SSH tunnels
* Table content, columns, indexes, and keys editors
* Custom query view with syntax coloring and saved queries
* Extensive GUI for MySQL user privileges
* Speedy import and export to/from CSV, Tab, and SQL
* CSV/Tab "records document" editor
* Handy copy-rows-to-clipboard feature

Minimum Requirements:
* Mac OS X Version 10.5
* Universal Binary for PowerPC and Intel
* MySQL version 5 server

Pricing and Availability:
Querious has a 30-day unlimited trial and is $29 (USD) to register.


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