Dual release of RDM Embedded 9.1 and RDM Server 8.2 by Birdstep technology

With these two releases Birdstep’s Raima Division now provides the ability to replicate data fromRDM Embedded to RDM Server, opening up all kinds of possible solutions for moving information fromsmall embedded devices all the way up to Enterprise databases. This new replication featureprovides support for multiple instances of RDM Embedded database to perform one way replicationinto a RDM Server database. The RDM Server database will be in master mode thus allowing anyconnected server application to manage the replicated data content in addition to other data.

Also new in RDM Embedded 9.1 is native BLOB (Binary Large Object) support which allows applicationdevelopers to store binary data like mp3s, videos, pictures and other binary data, natively withinthe RDM database. The benefit of this feature is that binary data can now be handled by thetransaction system the same way as any other data.

In RDM Embedded 9.1, we extended the database address removing the 256 file and ~16 millionrecords per file limitations of previous versions. RDM Embedded can now be configured as a VLDB(Very Large Database) which is typically constrained only by hardware limitations.

"With this announcement we offer our world wide customers an integrated embedded database solutionlike no other in the market, in terms of reliability, high performance and scalability from thesmallest devices", says Steinar Sande CEO of Birdstep Technology, Inc. "The many new capabilitiesin this release were driven by, our customers and partners. This exciting new release deliversreliable, secure, efficient data management in a integrated product family, at an affordable cost."

The free RDM Embedded and RDM Server SDKs are available on the Birdstep Technology Raima Division Website


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