Intent-Driven Enterprise Marketing Automation 2.0 launched by Leadforce1

LeadForce1 officially launched today with a mission to change the
dynamics of enterprise marketing automation. Helping enterprises to
break free from the sales-marketing divide, LeadForce1 is fast becoming
the marketing automation platform of choice, with a breakthrough,
patent-pending, next-generation approach that dramatically improves the
volume of qualified leads, increases sales pipeline velocity, and
connects sales teams with qualified prospects in real-time. Over 200
enterprises currently depend on the proven LeadForce1 platform as a
strategic tool to achieve marketing metrics and drive sales goals.

“LeadForce1 presented an innovative solution to grow our lead
generation many-fold”, said Heather Dalloul, AVP of Marketing at
Symphony Services. “LeadForce1 has opened new doors for our business
and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a smart and cost
effective lead generation solution."

LeadForce1 offers the unique benefit of being able to determine an
online visitor’s interests and intent, using advanced behavioral
analysis. Marketing and sales teams can now precisely manage lead
nurturing programs and effectively target messages and offers that are
customized around the interests of each individual lead. 

Forrester Research opinion supports the LeadForce1 vision. “Tools
that monitor online activity, match visitors against commercial
databases, look up their firms and roles, and help sales proactively
chase buyers across the web take priority over technology that manages
demand once it comes in the door”, says Laura Ramos, Principal Analyst
at Forrester.

"LeadForce1 gives us actionable data for building our sales pipeline
that other services lack. Combined with its ease of use, the
action-ability makes it the most effective lead generation solution
we’ve used for our website" said Bert Armijo, VP of Sales for 3Tera
(now Computer Associates).

LeadForce1 automated capabilities includes:
Lead scoring and workflow automation, drip marketing, and landing page creation
Prospect profile completion, with identification of individuals and group decision-makers
Intent-driven enterprise-class email marketing with automated customization
Integrated call-back for real-time connection to prospects
Marketing business intelligence and campaign analytics for feedback and fine-tuning

"Existing marketing automation solutions are reactionary, and the
data provided lacks the intelligent insight and real-time
information required to take decisive action,” said Srihari Kumar,
LeadForce1 CEO.  “LeadForce1 takes a proactive approach through the
entire lead life-cycle, from providing detailed information
about anonymous website visitors, to triggering live sales
conversations with prospects in real-time, enabling shorter sales
cycles and greater ROI.”


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