Cell Phone Spy Software for Android phone is now out

FlexiSPY, the makers of spy-phone and other mobile software announces today the release of its newest addition to the FlexiSPY product range, now supporting the growing Android cell phone market.

Dubbed Android Community Edition (CE), this new version offers basic spy-phone features and is available free of charge for customers with an urgent need for stable Android based spy-phone software.

FlexiSPY Marketing Manager Marc Harris states, “The current Android mobile phone spy software offerings on the market can become unstable and feature only limited spy phone options without consistent operational results.”

“FlexiSPY has recognized the need for an adequate Android spy program for Android compatible mobile phones, but because of stringent quality control commitments, the professional versions of FlexiSPY Android spy phone are not available till the second quarter of 2010.”

“To help customers who currently have no viable alternative, FlexiSPY has decided to offer Android Community Edition free of charge while final stages of testing are completed for more advanced product offerings.”

Android Community Edition features the trademark stability and performance of FlexiSPY’s current products for iPhone, Blackberry, Nokia and Windows based operating systems. The company’s Android CE features the ability to silently capture and read SMS text messages, log all phone numbers (called and received) and track the mobile’s location by using the embedded GPS system.

A set of remote commands also allow the person monitoring the target phone to control its functions without needing to access the phone again after the software has been installed. A secure web account stores the captured information and features an efficient search function to quickly find information.

According to Marc Harris, “The CE product is also the start of our Customer Driven Design Strategy to deliver better products faster and is a win-win for FlexiSPY and for our Customers. We will listen carefully to our Customers suggestions and comments on a special area of the FlexiSPY Community Forum and incorporate the best ideas into the upcoming PRO and PROX versions of FlexiSPY for Android.”

“By getting our Customers involved with the design and development process, we have a firm foundation for the evolution of FlexiSPY spy phone products, and we look forward to returning these innovations to our Customers in a variety of free and paid products.”

FlexiSPY Android CE is available free of charge for immediate download. Users installing and activating Android CE are eligible for special discounts when the professional versions are released.

FlexiSPY is an industry leader in the cell phone spy software sector. With continual product development across a wide range of mobile operating platforms, FlexiSPY consistently provides customers with the most stable and feature packed mobile spy-phone software available.


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