Mezeo Software Joins Storage Networking Industry Association Cloud Storage Initiative

Mezeo Software,  a leading provider of a deployable cloud storage platform for service providers, today announced it has joined the Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) Cloud Storage Initiative. The Cloud Storage Initiative (CSI), which launched in October 2009, is an initiative of industry leaders committed to driving the growth and success of the emerging cloud storage market.  Mezeo has been a SNIA member since July of 2009.

The CSI promotes awareness of cloud storage through education efforts for the vendor and user communities.  The group is also helping to bring specifications and technical developments to international standards development organizations. For example, the CSI promotes the SNIA Cloud Data Management Interface (CDMI) specification, which defines the functional data services that applications will use to secure, store, share and protect data in a cloud.

“The Cloud Storage Initiative was established to set programs that highlight the virtues of cloud storage,” said Val Bercovici, Chairman of the SNIA Cloud Storage Initiative. “Mezeo’s experience and expertise will help us to advance the knowledge and acceptance of cloud storage and drive the adoption of cloud storage standards in the market."

Mezeo enables IT service providers to quickly and efficiently enter the cloud storage market with a branded solution.  The Mezeo Cloud Storage Platform is service-enabled, with a multi-tenant architecture and white label Web 2.0, Windows desktop, and iPhone and BlackBerry native clients.  Mezeo features end-to-end encryption, advanced file sharing and collaboration, content tagging and access anywhere with white label. Mezeo is easy to deploy, highly scalable and highly secure, with REST Web Services APIs for platform extensibility.

“Cloud storage is a rapidly evolving technology, and Mezeo joined the Cloud Storage Initiative to collaborate with other industry leaders and support SNIA’s commitment to promoting cloud storage education and standards,” said Mezeo President and CEO Steve Lesem.  “The IT Service Provider market will be essential in the widespread adoption of cloud storage, and Mezeo understands the wants and needs of that market.”


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