SiteGrinder 3 application 9is now available by Media Lab

Media Lab Inc., premier provider of Photoshop plug-in website
creation technologies, today is pleased to announce the release of
SiteGrinder 3, its next generation web site development platform. In
addition to over 300 new features, Media Lab SiteGrinder 3 supports two
new optional add-ons, Commerce and Control.

The SiteGrinder 3 Commerce add-on builds web stores with a
fully-integrated shopping cart from within Photoshop. Users can now
easily create online stores with shopping carts from image galleries
using simple Photoshop text and art layers. After publishing their
store to the web, users can edit products, pricing, images and
descriptions remotely using any web browser.

The SiteGrinder 3 Control add-on enables website content management
from any Internet-connected computer through a web browser. The
designer/developer (or client) can quickly change any site content
including page additions, text, images and galleries remotely from any
web browser, all without returning to Photoshop.

"SiteGrinder 3 is the best website development tool that I have ever
used," said Charles Hurst, Web Designer. "Its integration with
Photoshop as a plug-in gives me a complete development platform from
initial design all the way to a working published website. With the
optional Commerce and Control add-ons, and the over 300 new features
and functions in SiteGrinder 3, I have complete control over the
design, deployment and remote management of my websites."

Graphic designers, photographers, artists or anyone can easily
transform their Photoshop designs into CSS and XHTML
standards-compliant websites without writing a single line of code. For
developers who want to improve their work flow, all code generated by
SiteGrinder 3 is fully editable in Dreamweaver or any other CSS or HTML

"We use SiteGrinder 3 as an integral part of our web application
design and work flow." said Chipp Walters, Shafer Walters Group, Inc.
"In situations where the client needs a radical design change, the
results can be implemented in hours instead of days. We particularly
like the new features of SG3, including multiple column resizing and
three state button support. Overall, SiteGrinder 3’s ROI for our client
has been great!"

Key Features
* Generate web graphics without slicing
* Produce CSS web text straight from Photoshop (editable in the browser)
* Create dynamic pages with interactive buttons and animations
* Set up multi-level menus without programming
* Make custom image portfolios and galleries fast
* Add flash and other multimedia to your pages easily
* Create advanced, versatile page layout
* Provide forms for email, Google Map and more

"SiteGrinder 3 does not merely have more features than SiteGrinder
2, it is the next generation website development platform," said Tom
Summerall, co-founder, Media Lab, Inc. "It has a completely new
architecture, workflow, and user interface. SiteGrinder 3’s new
features and functionality radically improve the design experience and
workflow making it easier than ever to design and manage the ultimate

System Requirements:
On the PC, SiteGrinder 3 is compatible with Windows XP and later,
including Windows 7. It requires Photoshop 7 or later, or Photoshop
Elements 6, 7 and 8. SiteGrinder 3 is compatible with Mac OS X 10.1 or
greater, Photoshop CS3 or CS4 (Mac OS X 10.4 or later for the
Intel-based Mac), Photoshop Elements 6, 7 and 8. Visit Media Lab online
for complete details and to download your copy of SiteGrinder 3.

Pricing and Availability:
SiteGrinder 3 will be released and generally available starting March
29, 2010, following Photoshop World Orlando. Media Lab has several
special offers for SiteGrinder 2 customers and those who want to
pre-purchase SiteGrinder 3. Pre-release orders will be downloadable on
March 29, 2010.

* SiteGrinder 3 pre-release upgrade for SiteGrinder 2 Pro users just $99, a $300 savings
* SiteGrinder 2 Pro purchases since January 1, 2010 and new purchases
prior to release will receive a free upgrade to SiteGrinder 3, a $399
* Commerce or Control add-ons just $149, a $50 savings
* SiteGrinder 3 Bundles (includes SG3, Commerce* OR Control) just $399, a $200 savings
* SiteGrinder 3 Web Suite (includes SiteGrinder 3, Commerce* AND Control) just $499, a $300 savings

Suggested retail price for SiteGrinder 3 Web Suite is $799 (USD).
SiteGrinder 3 is $399.00, Control add-on $199.00 and Commerce* add-on
$199 if purchased separately. For more information please visit the
SiteGrinder 3 Store.


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