GAO Tek releases its new dual-wavelength laser source

GAO Tek Inc. has released its dual-wavelength laser
source, which delivers stable laser signals of various wavelengths to
evaluate the transmission quality of fiber optic networks. It is
primarily used in LAN, WAN, CATV and remote optical networks. This
laser performs accurate fiber optic testing. Used in conjunction with
800 optical power meter, it makes an ideal pair for fiber optic

This dual-wavelength laser source, model 810, determines fiber type
and tests continuity as well as optical loss. It features low voltage
warning, automatic power off, and simple push-button operation. The
working wavelength switches between 310nm and 1550nm (±20nm). This
laser source is compatible with FC, ST, SC adapters and offers an LED
status indicator for output wavelength display. It can work
continuously for five hours on a single charge.


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