New Version of ModelRisk Released

Vose Software BVBA, developer of leading-edge risk analysis software,
announces the release of the third version of their software. Their
founder, David Vose, said: "We have had a tremendous response to the
launch of ModelRisk. Our customers have really appreciated the extra
capabilities that ModelRisk offers against the competition. With the
release of the ModelRisk Standard version, we now have a range of
products suitable for every level of risk modeling."

ModelRisk has three versions available: Standard version,
which provides a complete set of Monte Carlo simulation tools within
Excel; Professional version, which extends this capability with a wide
range of powerful tools based on their unique object modeling; and the
Professional Plus version, which allows the user to develop special
applications by calling ModelRisk routines from within VBA or C++.

ModelRisk also now features 110 unique distributions, three
times more than its nearest competitor. But ModelRisk stands out in many
other unique ways: its ability to fit and simulate time series and a
variety of correlation structures; the extra industry-specific modules;
40 visual interfaces to see what a model is really doing; a free Results
Viewer so one can share simulation results with non-ModelRisk users,
who can then even edit and create new reports; 24-hour support; a wide
range of other unique modeling tools; and a training and consulting team
of seasoned risk analysts. Put together with its lower price and its
generous academic program, ModelRisk is set to become the new standard
in risk analysis software.


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