Portable fiber optic power added to the Fiber optic application

GAO Instruments is offering its portable fiber optic power meter which provides online help and offers hints or warnings automatically when an operation fails. It is fit for the installation, calibration and maintenance of the telecommunication and CATV networks as well as LAN, FDDI and ATM optical systems.

The meter is also used for optical identification and fault locating of single and multimode fibers. This compact power meter, model A0670002, tests optical power in a wavelength range of 1310nm to 1550nm at an accuracy of ±5%. It has self-test and self-check functions for both its internal hardware and parameters.

The power meter is equipped with a large graphic LCD screen which displays battery status, operating mode, name of selected item, function prompt area and current function selection. Measurement results can be automatically transformed into report forms and printed via an RS232 interface or transmitted to a PC for unified management. Its portable design and simple operation make it ideal for field operation.


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