Free Internet Security Software by Kingsoft

Kingsoft Corporation Limited ("Kingsoft" or the
"Company"; SEHK stock code: 3888), a leading developer, distributor and
service provider of application and entertainment software in China,
has debuted its free internet security software Kingsoft Defender. In
addition, the website of the Company’s newly developed marshal arts
online game Du Gu Jiu Jian has been officially launched. The Company
has strengthened its online game operating capacity by introducing
high-end talents. It will continue enhancing its R&D workforce and
plans to release up to 10 self-developed online games this year.

applying advanced cloud computing anti-virus technology, the compact
Kingsoft Defender, the first free anti-Trojans and rectify software
launched by the Company, can quickly detect and remove more than 100
million known Trojans and fully rectify security vulnerabilities. By
means of Kingsoft’s leading technology and reputation in professional
security software, Kingsoft Defender will help the Company to capture a
greater customer base and facilitate the healthy competition of free
anti-virus software market.

The official website of Kingsoft’s
first 2.5D martial arts game this year, Du Gu Jiu Jian is launched
already and is to conduct internal testing soon.
Moreover, Kingsoft will further strength its R&D efforts and up to
10 self-developed online games will be released within this year,
including The Legend of Moon, The First Myth 3, War of the First Myth,
and the Company’s first web game, Shen Dao Xing 8 Ke.

Mr. Pak
Kwan Kau, Chairman and CEO of Kingsoft, said, "In line with our
strategic plan, this year we will boost R&D to innovate and
optimise our products mix, and capture Internet market opportunities.
We are vigilant in monitoring changes in the Internet security market
and are particularly keen to develop leading-edge Internet security
products to cater for different customer needs. We will work with peers
to promote Chinese security software products’ leading position in the
domestic market and benefit end-users. The Company will also debut many
self-developed online games to further improve the Company’s operating
capacity in return."


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