iPhone OS 4.0 Offer Multitasking

A source deemed reliable by Apple Insider shows that the next major evolution of iPhone OS offer multitasking. But iPhone OS 4.0 is far from being finalized.

This is not really new information, or even a new rumor, but rather the confirmation of an expectation. The site Apple Insider says that its sources confirmed the multitasking support in the future milling iPhone OS 4.0.

This connection between the two elements had been raised shortly before the announcement of the launch of the iPad tablet, along with some details in the hope then that the new software platform will be announced at the same time as the tablet .

This was not the case, but Apple Insider points out that this would be true multitasking. The iPhone OS 3.x system is already capable of managing multiple applications at the same time but this possibility is constrained to some combinations of applications decided by Apple, ostensibly to preserve battery life.

Rumor, rumor …
We can therefore assume that Apple has found a way to provide this functionality without taxing autonomy. On the other hand, the iPhone has been jailbroken (modified to allow third party applications without Apple’s agreement) are already capable of multitasking, but with security risks that the manufacturer would not take under its commercial offering.

Insider noted that Apple will probably revise the interface to integrate the ability to switch from one application running in the background to another, perhaps the bottom of this dock on Mac OS X, and manage resources differently .

Much of the success of iPhone OS based on ergonomics and ease of use, the advent of multitasking should be able to maintain these rights. And it would seem that iPhone OS 4.0 has some way to go before being finalized.

It is not impossible that, if a new iPhone is introduced by this summer, it runs iPhone OS 3.x and the new OS version arrives later.


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