China forces Google to filter the results of its search engine

If Google refuses to filter the results of its search engine in China, he will suffer the consequences threatens Beijing.

Relationships tend to be again between Google and China. This week, the CEO of the giant Web hinted that negotiations with Beijing would "soon" lead, but say more about their outcome.

Since we must communicate clearly, China bends to the game but adopts a tone almost threatening, evidence that will prove inflexible. According to comments reported by AFP, the Minister of Industry and Information Technology – the very man who had denied the negotiations … – Said that if Google "violates Chinese law, it will be unfriendly and irresponsible, and Google is really responsible for the consequences".

This seems to undermine any desire to search unfiltered expressed by Google. And after all, we do not see why China would make an exception with Google, but other Internet players will fold its law is censorship. In the Middle Kingdom, the market share of Google is about 30%.

The Chinese government does not lament the eventual departure from Google: "if he decides to leave, the Internet market in China will continue to grow rapidly and the impact will not be too great," added Li Yizhong.

One wonders what real sense give both parties the word negotiations.


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