NI Technology Updates Outlooks for Palm, Research in Motion, Apple, Google and Microsoft

Next Inning Technology Research, an
online investment newsletter focused on semiconductor and technology
stocks, announced it has updated outlooks for Palm,
Research in Motion , Apple, Google and Microsoft.

Editor Paul McWilliams has displayed uncanny accuracy in
identifying winners and losers during this challenging and historic
period for the markets. After logging a very successful 2009,
McWilliams is now intently focused on the catalysts that will generate
profits in 2010.

Most recently, McWilliams identified the timing of the
market’s latest dip and rebound for Next Inning readers in his quarterly
Strategy Review. McWilliams has also just published a special report in
the emerging and volatile solar energy sector that identifies the key
drivers for the industry as well as likely winners and losers. These
reports, as well as McWilliams’ regular commentary, are available for
free to trial subscribers.

In addition, a Next Inning trial subscription also offers
access to the "10 Tech Trends for 2010" special report, in which
McWilliams lays out this year’s key tech sector stories from cloud
computing to virtualization to data centers and solid state drives, and
McWilliams’ highly acclaimed State of Tech reports that offer in-depth
sector by sector coverage of over 65 leading tech companies and
McWilliams’ specific guidance on which stocks he thinks investors should
own and which should be avoided. Finally, subscribers will have access
to McWilliams’ daily commentary and actionable alerts that have been
providing frequent profit opportunities for Next Inning subscribers for
years. To take advantage of this offer and receive these reports for
free, please visit the following link:

McWilliams covers these topics and more in his recent reports:

— What factors have enabled Apple to become the leader in the
smartphone market? Are other smartphone firms becoming better equipped
to knock Apple off its pedestal?

— Does Palm have the resources to stay competitive with the
major smartphone makers? Might a buyout be the most likely path forward
for Palm? Which firms would be most likely to buy Palm and what price
would it take to get the deal done?

— Is RIM getting left in the dust by flashier smartphone
rivals or is its positioning in the market being underestimated by
industry watchers?

— Did Google make a mistake by getting involved in the
hardware side of the smartphone business? What is the best way for
Google to leverage its strengths as it pursues more opportunities in the
smartphone market?

— Is Microsoft’s foray into the handset market the right
strategy to reinvigorate interest in its mobile operating system? Could
Intel change the equation for Microsoft’s mobile strategy in the not
too distant future?

Founded in September 2002, Next Inning’s model portfolio has
returned 260% since its inception versus 27% for the S&P 500.


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