Gifts for all Airtel Broadband Customers

Bharti Airtel, India’s leading telecommunications major has brought an unique offer for its broadband customers across the nation. As the much hyped about cricket sensation IPL has already started its season 3 with a big bang so Airtel took a one step ahead to bring cheers to all its customers. India a cricket crazy nation is already dancing to the tunes of IPL which is taking place in India this year. the wholly owned subsidiary of internet giant Google has got the official rights to stream all live matches across the 45 days.

So Airtel broadband now gives an opportunity to all its customers to upgrade their existing broadband speed to 2MBPS for starting from 12th March till 25th April.

Airtel creates Internet coup ! As a special gift, all Airtel Broadband users will be automatically upgraded to 2Mbps speed to enjoy uninterrupted viewing of LIVE cricket on from 12th March to 25th April . Now everyone will be able to experience the rich internet experience at an amazingly high speed of 2 Mbps, just like watching Live TV. To add to the excitement of cricket everyone can now play “Fastest Fifty” on Orkut to share, compete and win.

But the company has levied some restriction on the upgrade offer. They are:

1 The 2 Mbps speed is an automatic upgrade , only applicable for

2 For all others site customers will get their current plan speeds.

3 While there is no charge for 2Mbps upgrade , Streaming on youtube will be considered as part of data transfer limits of your current broadband tariff plan.

4 The 2 Mbps bandwidth is not guaranteed all the time and is dependent of traffic. Our endeavor is to provide 2 Mbps on best effort basis.

5 Upgraded speed of 2 Mbps applicable only for live cricket streaming on page and not for other YouTube content.

For further clarifications and for new connections call Airtel Broadband @ 1800 103 0121


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