The La Poste Group announced Digiposte

The La Poste Group, which prepares its entry into the field of virtual mobile operators, announced Thursday the launch of Digiposte a solution for receiving and archiving of digital documents designed for individuals and businesses.

The goal? Allow the storage and sorting in a secure online environment, all of the paperwork, the payslip to bank statements. Centered around an email address, Digiposte also allows file sharing with third parties identified.

"By centralizing in one area the mail digital Digiposte meets a need for simplicity and universality of the general public," the Post explains in a statement.

The group hopes to exceeding the size of a single mailbox intelligent, becoming a trusted third party in a privileged part of the relationship between businesses and their employees. So suggest he soon opened Digiposte service management payroll, in which a company may appeal to digital services will be accepted for transmission of its paperwork.

While its monopoly on mail under 50 grams will end on 1 January 2011 with the opening of this market to the private sector, the Post makes clear its ambition to overcome the shortfall in the accompanying rise of paperless trade. It remains to be seen whether it will succeed in establishing itself as the provider must on this segment already very competitive. To win, the group has already announced that Digiposte would free individuals from the opening, scheduled for mid-April.


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