1.35V Registered DDR3L Memory Modules From Kingston

Kingston Technology Europe Ltd, a subsidiary of Kingston Technology Company, the independent world leader in memory products,today announced that its low-voltage registered dual inline memory modules (RDIMMs) have been validated  for use in the upcoming Intel Westmere-EP processor-based server  platforms. The Kingston ValueRAM DDR3L (‘L’ for low voltage) 1333MHz (1.35 volt) server RDIMMs were certified on Intel’s Westmere reference platform.

Kingston is proud to offer customers our 1.35-volt server memory and having it certified for use with Intel’s next-generation Xeon processors," said Stephane Rizzetto European Product Development Manager for DRAM of Kingston Technology. "Our low voltage registered server memory helps lower total cost of ownership in datacenters as it uses less power, thus producing less heat than equivalent 1.5-volt modules resulting in lower cooling costs for memory-dense servers."
Kingston ValueRAM DDR3L
"Intel worked closely with Kingston in developing and certifying their low-voltage DDR3L memory for our upcoming Westmere-EP triple-channel server platform," said Geof Findlay, Memory Ecosystem Manager, Intel. "Kingston’s low voltage server memory combined with Intel’s 32nm processor utilizing the Westmere architecture will help datacenters increase performance while reducing overall energy costs."


KVR1333D3LD8R9S/2G: 2GB 2Rx8 PC3L-10600 RDIMM (CL9 @ 1.35v)
KVR1333D3LS4R9S/2G: 2GB 1Rx4 PC3L-10600 RDIMM (CL9 @ 1.35v)
KVR1333D3LS8R9S/1G: 1GB 1Rx8 PC3L-10600 RDIMM (CL9 @ 1.35v)


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