Facebook becomes more popular than Google?

A whole week, the social network Facebook has generated in the U.S. over Web visits than Google.

Several small tremors had been felt. In some very specific occasions, Facebook became the most visited site in the United States with regard to statistics provided by Hitwise. This was the case for example the day before and on Christmas Day 2009, or at the last New Year Even finding the weekend of 6-7 March 2010. But the mini earthquake just took place.

For a whole week, Facebook was the most visited site in the USA, packing the piece to anyone other than Google. Hitwise said that between them, Facebook.com and Google.com have represented nearly 14% of all U.S. Web visits last week, with 7.07% for the former and 7.03% respectively. If we go back a year ago, the market share of Facebook.com has increased over the same period of 185%.

We can however point the finger a few curiosities from Hitwise. If we combine the shares of visits from Yahoo! Mail and Yahoo! Is Yahoo! which leads, while YouTube is that Google is ranked fifth with 2.14%. Remains the tremendous growth of the site to over 400 million members. What whet appetites some advertising.

Beware, however. IT Pro noted that the last site to be well stole the show an entire week has been Google MySpace in September 2007. Nothing is really fixed, while Facebook has overtaken MySpace.



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