Supreme Commander 2 Patch 1.3 is Out

Update 1.3 to Supreme Commander 2 has been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include: 

Bug Fixes and Improvements:
• Private games have been replaced with Friends Only games. This means that you can mark a game as “Friends Only” and it will only be seen in your friends’ “Friends” tab.
• The game browser has two new filters: Show Passworded games, and Show All Regions (both off by default).
• Added “Test Ping” to the Skirmish menu, which will simulate in game traffic volume (based on number of players) for 5 seconds. This will help players find problematic network connections before getting into a game.
• Color coding on pings in skirmish lobby. When a ping is greater than 400 it will be yellow, and when greater than 500 it will be red.
• Games list in the games browser can now be sorted on each column.
• Cybran and Illuminate air factory veterancy fix: factories now calculate veterancy rate correctly.
• Fix to ACU not firing after activating its reclaim beam, while issuing a move order.
• ACUs can now be attacked while under water.
• Air units are no longer damaged if they fly over an activated Magnetron.

Balance and Tuning:
• UEF P-Shield shield Health increased by 25%.
• Universal Colossus can now also be unlocked by researching the Urchinow.
• Overcharge cooldown increased to 35 seconds. Was 25.
• Transport build costs increased by 50%. Reduced Health to 4000. Was 4500.
• Darkenoid primary beam weapon Damage increased by 50%.
• Cybran Air Radar, Cybran Air Vision, Illuminate Land Vision, UEF Air Vision, UEF Land Radar, UEF Naval Radar and UEF Naval Sonar research all reduced by 1 Research Point.
• Illuminate ACU Radar boost increased to +175%. Was +100%.
• UEF ACU Radar and Vision boosts increased to +150%. Was +100%.
• UEF Fighter & Bomber shield Health decreased to 175. Was 200.
• Gunship Speed reduced to 6. Was 8. Shield Health decreased to 150. Was 600. Build Time increased to 27. Was 24.
• UEF ACU Artillery research cost increased to 6. Was 4. Damage Radius reduced to 5. Was 6.
• Cybran mobile artillery Movement Speed reduced to 2.8. Was 3.2.
• Cybran Carrier build cost reduction of 33% added.
• All factions’ ACU AA upgrade Damage increased by 25%.
• Airnomo cost decreased 10%. Health increased to 13,000. Was 10,000. AA damage increased 50%. Direct Fire damage decreased 50%.
• Cybran Battleship AA Damage reduced by 40%.


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