Test Drive Unlimited Game Screenshots

Early rumors had the return of the island of Oahu as a geographical framework for Test Drive Unlimited 2, ultimately unfounded rumors.

Eden Games has announced the adoption of a new geographical setting and confirms the same time the heavy rumors are introducing the island of Ibiza. The Spanish island will be the new playground of players who can walk freely on a surface of 572 sq. km. It is three times less than the island of Oahu. However, the project manager ensures that the result will contain two to three times more content than its predecessor. This estimate is based on more criteria, not only on the surface of game She takes particular account of the challenges, cars or even the ability to customize the driver.

The all-terrain vehicles will emerge accompanied by management experience points. They give us access to test vehicles and unpublished. There is even talk of a co-op mode which would more or less get behind the wheel or to assume the role as co-pilot. Release date scheduled for the end of 2010 on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.



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