ProtoShare 3.8 Improves Website and Web Application Prototyping

Site9, Inc., the developer of the industry’s fastest growing,
cloud-based prototyping tool for website and web apps, today announced
the release of ProtoShare 3.8. The new release takes prototyping to the
next level with rich dynamic features available for web application and
website simulation. Additionally, the ability to export a fully
functioning copy of a project in web-compliant HTML format has added new
potential for local versioning and usability testing.

Interactive data grids, dynamic tree views, and the exclusive
customizable component were highly requested features by ProtoShare
users involved with web application
prototyping. Data grids and tree structures are important features
found in many online applications. The ability to have dynamic, working
representations that add fidelity and understanding to a web prototype
makes the process even move valuable in reducing rework during the
development process.

The new customizable component in ProtoShare is an
industry-unique feature that allows users to create and add any
functionality to a prototype. Because ProtoShare creates prototypes and
wireframes with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, users can easily import in
their own customized components to demonstrate and simulate
interactions, processes, and functions required or specific to their
projects, further reducing misunderstanding and clarifying the project’s

"We use ProtoShare on almost every project. We figure we’ve
cut our prototyping time in half. In addition to website prototypes, we
use ProtoShare to comp and showcase interactive elements like pull-down
menus, carousels, and grids so people can actually see them work,"
states Chris Adams, Art Director at Rolling Orange.

With the ability to export to HTML, users can now run and
interact with prototypes on their own computer or servers. The feature
has proven very useful for remote usability and customer testing. A
local copy of projects can also be created and stored for handy
reference when not online. The exported HTML, while not purposed for it,
could also be used to begin development of a project.

"With ProtoShare, teams can now evolve their projects as far
as needed, from simple, grey-box wireframes to high-fidelity
prototypes," said Andrew Mottaz, Founder and CEO. "You can also upload
and collaborate on art and design work, review and comment on live
websites, and create multiple layouts for pages. In short, ProtoShare is
becoming a complete pre-development process tool for the industry."


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