Blackberry OS 6.0 Images Leaked

The first images of what could be the future of Blackberry to OS 6.0 is running on the web since this morning. Deemed credible by reputable sites for finding more leaks as real from Bbleaks or Crackberry. These screenshots show a material change in the interface.

The resolution of the two screenshots corresponds to a phone like the Storm or Storm 2, motives entirely tactile. The presence of widgets page could improve the use of these devices, the Blackberry OS 5.x the direct descendant of the logic of the Qwerty keyboard for Bold and the Curve.

These widgets allow you to customize the home page of the phone extensively: weather, latest news, sports scores, etc.. The spirit is very like Android, although the screenshots look more like a wrapper for Windows Mobile.

Perhaps the opportunity to see land a new terminal sliding keyboard and touch screen? In any case, it seems that RIM wants to come back strong against strong competitors iPhone, Android or Windows Mobile. It was not until the release of a smartphone equipped for more, or any SDK for widgets.



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